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We believe that having a beautiful and practical kitchen design promotes quality of life. We are ready to make your kitchen your favorite place!

We are a company focused on offering a personalized 5-star service. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our clients through the Design, Manufacture and installation of kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, we believe that having a beautiful design can improve energy and quality of life by providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Our goal is to ensure a high quality service in all our processes:

  • Design
  • Estimate
  • Installation
  • Remodeling

We specialize in designing kitchens efficiently through the use of innovative programs that allow us to provide the client with a real visualization and at the same time an accurate cost estimate.

Luxury Krafts has a highly trained teamwork ready to collaborate, coordinate and complete any project regardless of size or scope. We are constantly in learning mode and aware of new market trends to design and manufacture efficiently and innovatively.

We work hard to exceed the expectations of all our customers through our services from start to finish. Anyway, we want to support you and make your kitchen your favorite place. We are ready to receive your request, contact us now!

Contact us today and request your estimate. We want to support you. We have an excellent staff and work team ready to offer you 5-star service. We are ready to accompany you from the design process to the installation of your new kitchen.


-Luis Ronald Cruz | CEO of Luxury Krafts



To provide all our clients with efficient and innovative alternatives through personalized service and high quality products.



To be the leading company in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen cabinets.

Our Values



We believe that we were created to serve others through our gifts and talents, thereby offering the best of ourselves to all our clients.



We believe that we are created differently and that when we integrate those differences for the common good, we strengthen ourselves as a company and open our doors to all our clients from all cultures in the world.


Competitiveness and Innovation

We believe that we were created to innovate and adapt, sharing our strengths and creativity with our clients to be the best and offer the best products and services.



We believe that we were created to work as a community and that our work becomes more interesting as we collectively integrate our ideas and efforts to offering the highest quality products and services to all our clients.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

We believe that we were created to connect with the world, be compassionate to the needs of others, and protect our home, Planet Earth. As a company, we are committed to contributing to social development and protecting our planet through efficient and ecological designs and products.

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